Learn Spanish, 23/04/2015

DELE means Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language, and is the official accreditation of the degree of fluency of the Spanish Language. It is a recognized Diploma and is organized by the Cervantes Institutes, which is the official government organization that promotes the Spanish language worldwide.

This means that DELE is the only diploma for non-native Spanish. It will be essential for you if you want to go study abroad at a Spanish University or if you want to do an internship in a company where Spanish language skills are obligatory.

If you want to take the DELE in Barcelona you need to find a school which gives courses for dele exam preparation. In BCN Languages we organize courses to prepare for dele B2, B1 and C1. In the courses you will be trained to get fluent and familiar in the dele B2, B1 and C1 practice test.

Every year we organize the DELE exams preparation courses, our groups are reduced and our teachers are native and specialized in DELE exams preparation. In the preparation courses you will train the four parts of the exam and most of all the grammar, writing, speaking and comprehension.

A DELE exam preparation course lasts 4 weeks and is scheduled 32h, 8 hours per week. The exam is placed in the official Cervantes Institutes and you need to pay the inscription taxes on line in the official Cervantes web page.

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