Our philosophy

BCN Languages is a place where learning a language means much more than just studying it. It means getting to know a culture and opening our minds to different points of view, in a world where understanding diversity is becoming increasingly important.

The BCN Languages team believes that languages are living entities, meant to be learnt through experience and contact with them and the modern culture they represent. We strive to make sure that our teaching methodology reflects the thrill experienced at the discovery of a new language, a new reality.

Our Schools

The first BCN LANGUAGES school was founded in 1995 on Avenida Diagonal. Since then, we have seen the school grow thanks to the efforts of all members of the school team and to the trust that all our students placed in us year after year. We currently have several different centres in Barcelona and one in Mallorca, which allow us to provide our students with a wider offer of timetables, courses and groups as well as the convenience of finding a school near home or work.

Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am a 10.00 pm and Saturday morning (Check the specific schedules of each center).

What can we offer?

At BCN LANGUAGES we offer students the chance to learn:

  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan in your city, through face to face, virtual or online and flexible one-to-one or group classes.
  • English Preparation for official English exams (Oxford Test Of English and Cambridge) and Spanish (DELE).
  • Or, if you prefer, we can help you to organise your plans for learning the language “where it is spoken”?. Courses Abroad , in some of the most reputated schools in the world.
  • Also classes for companies and special groups.
  • We are also specialised in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, through one-to-one or group classes.
  • We provide translation services.


For us, each student is unique, with particular characteristics and needs. We make every effort to help individual students reach the personal learning goals they have set for themselves.

We make it easy for you

At BCN LANGUAGES we are aware that time is usually the main difficulty when planning to learn a language. For that reason, if there is a day in which you cannot attend a class, we offer you the chance of making it up on any other day within the same week, as well as updating the information about what was covered in the session at the Virtual Campus.

You can start now, contact us

Ask about our courses and any other questions you may have.
In many cases, it is possible to join throughout the course.