We recommend different activities in Barcelona that you can do in the city. Both day and night, you can enjoy the extensive menu of leisure activities and places for sightseeing.

Parc Güell

Gaudí and his modernist architecture

Discover one of the most famous activities in Barcelona. A park created by the great modernist architect, Gaudí. Its colours and original shapes will not disappoint. Do not miss the amazing view of the city from the Cross viewpoint.

Cavas Freixenet

The making of cava. The region of Catalonia

You cannot miss a fundamental visit to experience Catalan gastronomy: the transformation of grapes into Cava. Come with us to one of the most important wine cellars located in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, one of the most traditional wine regions of Catalonia.

El Pueblo Español

Spain’s regions and cultures

Spain: an endless number of cultures. Discover them all in just one place located next to Plaça de España. You will be amazed when walking through the streets of this “town” and you will be able to admire the contrasts of the different Spanish regions. Curiously, the Pueblo Español was built for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition, and it was supposed to be destroyed at the end of it.

El Laberinto de Horta

Barcelona’s parks and gardens

Some scenes of the famous movie “Perfume”, based on Patrick Süskind’s bestselling book, were shot here. Its luscious paths will take you up to the labyrinth and you will discover the beautiful Neoclassic sculptures. It’s a park with a romantic touch, a unique place almost unknown in Barcelona.

Museo de Historia de Cataluña

The Spanish Civil War and Franco’s dictatorship

The history of Spain is marked by the Civil War and Franco’s dictatorship that lasted 40 years. This museum will carry you to a period that left a mark in the memory of Spanish people.

Parlamento de Cataluña

Spain’s territorial and political organization

Spain is a State formed by independent communities, each has its own government. Thanks to the help of a specialised guide you will get to know the political powers that our region enjoys whilst visiting a historic building located in the Park of the Ciutadella.


Museo Nacional de Arte Catalán.Catalan Modernism

This spectacular palace that crowns the mountain of Montjüic now hosts the most important pieces of Catalan Art. Its temporary exhibitions enrich its enormous cultural heritage even more

La Feria de Abril

Andalusia: its culture and music

Andalusia, cradle of Flamenco dancing and folk singing, celebrates a fair to enjoy its gastronomy and culture every year, during the month of April.

Museo Picasso

Picasso and his work

Get to know one of the most famous Spanish painters by discovering his works hosted in this great medieval palace located right in the middle of El Born, in the Old City of Barcelona. In this museum you will find paintings from Picasso’s blue period and cubism.

Barrio de Gracia

History and life of this Barcelona neighbourghood

Before 1897 Gràcia was a town that didn’t belong to Barcelona. Nowadays this neighbourhood still keeps its homely vibe and its peculiarities. Walk through its streets, discover its squares, and enjoy its atmosphere: you will love it!

Casa Milà

Modernist architecture in Barcelona

Besides being one of the most representative buildings of Modernist architecture, Casa Milà offers its visitors an itinerary of inestimable value. You can see a furnished apartment on the penultimate floor, the attic with a permanent exhibition of Gaudí’s works and the terrace with an exceptional view of Barcelona.

Tour por La Barcelona Romana

Put your toga on and imagine what living in Barcelona was like during the Roman period. Follow the route marked by the original walls that delimited the city which back then was called Barcin and get to know all the different activities in Barcelona.

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