Language courses for 6th grade students, 1st of ESO and 2nd of ESO

Course addressed to students of 6th of Primary, 1st and 2nd ESO. We introduce lexical and grammatical contents with a communicative approach that contributes to the involvement of students in their own learning process.

In this stage, because of the progress of students in terms of cognition, it is possible to pose longer activities, requiring the use of different sources of information, opposing data, research outside the classroom, etc. Likewise, students are required to be more organised, to work in teams, to share roles and to manage and plan their study time correctly. More focus is placed on language accuracy and content reflection. 


  • To understand and reproduce oral and written messages correctly and accurately, responding to the commonest communicative intentions and contexts.
  • To interpret and produce messages with different communicative intentions, using verbal and non verbal codes, articulating them in order to enrich their possibilities of communication and respecting other ways of expression that differ from those usual in their social environment.
  • To use the main sources of information available in their environment (press, radio, television, specialised magazines, encyclopedias…) autonomously and critically in order to plan their activities (work, leisure, consumption, etc.), to confront previously obtained information and to find new data.

Thanks to the different levels and limited groups, children will find an ideal atmosphere for learning English, French and German, with highly motivated and experienced teachers who will facilitate such a process. Our teachers have a wide range of resources at their disposal, which they use to prepare games and interactive activities that specially stimulate oral expression and listening comprehension.

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