In just 8 weeks you will achieve a level of Catalan

In the Semi-intensive Catalan course in Barcelona, a level can be acquired in eight weeks. It consists of intensive study of terminology and grammar, but also oral expression.

The classes consist of practice and tasks relating to all the skills a language may include: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, oral expression and interaction and written interaction.

During this semi-intensive Catalan course our teachers emphasize the communicative approach through the practice of all the language skills. As regards written production, it should be borne in mind that in this course format, special importance is placed on completing the homework, so that you can stay in close contact with the language and acquire the skills that will enable you to progress to the next level

The course consists of 48 hours, of which 6 are studied per week, divided into 3 sessions of 2 hours in the morning or 4 sessions of 1.5 hours in the afternoon.

This semi-intensive course is taught by native Catalan teachers and the groups are small (7 students of average). Learning Catalan is a small group is the better option if you need a more customized assistance.

Before enrolling in your semi-intensive course, if you aren’t a complete beginner, you need to take a written test and a 1-2-1 interview with a native teacher so we can define your real language level.

The semi-intensive Catalan courses in Barcelona include the following free services: Campus Virtual access with extra resources, DVD’s and books lending library and langue exchange partners

For more information about the Catalan semi-intensive course, please contact one of our language schools located in Barcelona.


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