The most complete Spanish course for fast and efficient learning

The Intensive General Spanish Course ELE20, available in our centre in Barcelona, targets people who wish to quickly acquire a working knowledge of Spanish. Among all our courses, this is the most popular course.

This course is ideal for foreigners who are starting to study Spanish in Barcelona. Also for those who need to improve their Spanish in order to live, study or work in Spain.

The Intensive General Spanish Course ELE20 consists of 4 hours of classes a day and is divided into 2 complementary sessions: Communicative Grammar and Conversation and Vocabulary.

This course guarantees study and practice of all 4 Spanish language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking), which makes it the most suitable course for progressing adequately in all areas of the language.

If you are looking for Spanish courses in Barcelona so you can learn Spanish fast but with the conviction that you are doing it well, this intensive Spanish course is the solution: in a few months our students are able to speak Spanish fluently in any situation.

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