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In BCN Languages we offer you the best catalan courses in Barcelona. Different modalities and levels, which are also adapted to your needs: you can find academic courses, intensive courses of catalan, conversation classes, or courses of catalan official exam preparation.

Catalan classes are taught by native teachers in small groups (an average of 6 students), in order to be able to offer you a more personalised service. Moreover, BCN Languages offer you additional material, such as books and films in catalan, connection to the internet at school, and access to the virtual campus.

To start your course of catalan in Barcelona, it’s only necessary to make a level test to determine which class is best for you.

Below we present the Catalan courses in Barcelona available at our academies:

  • Standard Catalan course
  • Intensive Catalan course
  • Private Catalan Classes

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In many cases, it is possible to join throughout the course.