Intensive languages in summer for young people

BCN Languages English, French and German Summer intensive courses for Young Learners will help them learn, review, consolidate and improve their English while having fun. The new BCN Languages LEARN & ENJOY! courses were created to meet these needs in a language immersion setting, while ensuring that students have a good time.

To learn languages in Barcelona during the summer doesn´t need to be boring!

Our KIDS, JUNIORS and TEENS students become explorers and learn English, German or French by discovering fascinating places and cultures around the world.

LEARN! MODULE: Students assimilate grammatical and lexical contents through communicative and dynamic activities led by teachers possessing extensive experience.

ENJOY! MODULE: Students forget about the books and use their English, French or German in games, activities, crafts, projects and exhibitions. These activities are designed based on their age and knowledge of the language.

Our goal is to make them speak a new languages with the fluency and flow as with their mother tongue. Our full immersion English, French and German Courses are the most efficient way to achieve it.

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