Languages with support in a virtual classroom

BCN Languages offers you the possibility of reinforcing your online course, with virtual classes in which you will be able to work on the key course content with the help of a teacher, as well as being able to practice your listening comprehension and speaking. If your objective is to improve your fluidity and listening comprehension in order to be able to communicate, we propose this method. It will allow you to improve your pronunciation, communicating with a native speaker, who will guide and correct you. 

If you enrol on an online English course, or the online French, German or Spanish courses, you will be able to complement this with the support of a tutor, in addition to 6 sessions of bespoke spaces, in which the teacher will go over the most important grammar objectives. Students will be able to consult and resolve doubts, as well as take part in activities to practice the course contents taught.

And don’t forget that you will still count with the help of your online course tutor, who will be able to help with any doubts that arise over the duration of the course.

We offerthe levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 of English, French, German and Spanish.  Find out where you stand as to your language learning objectives, with our level test. 

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