Here at BCN Spanish Language we offer our students the possibility to book not only a Spanish course, but also student accommodation in Barcelona, Spain.

Nowadays on the internet there is so much on offer regarding accommodation in Barcelona, such as apartments, residences, hotels, etc., one does not really know where to start. Our Spanish school provides students with quality accommodation carefully chosen and regularly inspected by our staff. The two most popular student accommodation options are Spanish host families and shared flats for both long and short term students. Both home stays and shared apartments give our students the chance to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture and make the most of their time in Barcelona and in Spain.

BCN Spanish Language is committed providing our long and short term students with a remarkable service and helping them find the student accommodation that best suits their needs.

If you choose to book your student accommodation through us, either long term or short term, be assured that all our families and apartments are conveniently located in the centre of Barcelona, close to the school and you will have the chance to experience Spain as a local does.

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In many cases, it is possible to join throughout the course.