Enjoy the experience of shared flats with other students of different nationalities or local people. You have the freedom of cooking what you want and when you like. You can book a single room or a double if you are travelling with a fellow student.

A school representative will greet you at the shared flat upon arrival. The price includes a weekly cleaning service with change of sheets and towels.

The shared flats are located in the city centre and only a 10-20 minute journey from the school. You will be able to easily access it through the public transport. Start enjoying one of the best ways of getting to know the city and being inmersed in its culture.

Benefits of living in a shared apartment as a student:

  • Coexistence: Sharing a flat means living with other people, which can be an enriching experience and also requires communication skills and respect.
  • Cultural and Social Exchange: Living with roommates of different nationalities and cultures provides the opportunity to learn about different ways of life and customs, as well as to practice Spanish in an informal and friendly environment.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Sharing a flat requires flexibility and adaptability to manage individual differences and resolve possible conflicts constructively. It is important to be open to compromises and work together to maintain a harmonious environment in the shared home.

In short, sharing an apartment while studying Spanish in Barcelona not only offers you practical and economic benefits, but it also enriches your cultural experience and gives you the opportunity to form meaningful connections with people from all over the world. Contact BCN Languages ​​and let us help you live this experience in the best possible way.

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