Learn Spanish, 16/04/2015

If you have decided to learn Spanish in Barcelona, it’s important to consider the reason why you want to study a new language, because your challenges and motivations will make you progress quickly.

Maybe you want to learn Spanish because somebody special to you speaks this fascinating language, maybe you want to make new friends in Barcelona, or maybe you need it for communicating at work. Whatever the reason may be, you need to find the best language school.

The most important thing is to find a school where you feel comfortable, with teachers who can help you to learn Spanish and motivate you. When you are studying a language is very important to practice and speak Spanish also in your daily life. In addition, if you are living in Barcelona, it will be easy for you!

Some tips for learning Spanish

Learn committing mistakes: Children are inherently better learners than adults! The key of their fast learning is the desire to play with language and the lack of fear of committing mistakes; however adults normally feel embarrassed when it happens. When you learn a new language you should admit that you know nothing (or just a little bit), and try it without inhibitions!

Read many Spanish books: At the start, you should know your level and search for the book you like most. If you don’t understand some word, underline it. Then, search the words you don’t know in the dictionary, and write this word in a notebook creating your own list of vocabulary.

Talk to yourself aloud, record your voice, and then listen to it. It’s easy to detect your mistakes and improve them by self-learning. Also, when you are listening to Spanish natives, pay attention to their conversation and try to understand and imitate their pronunciation.

Watching Spanish movies or television series will help you to accustom your ear to the sound of this language. You will learn a lot of new expressions while watching them; of course, you’ll be very satisfied when you understand everything without subtitles!

Find news Spanish friends and use the language every time you can. This is the most important thing when practicing Spanish in linguistic immersion.

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