Learn Spanish, 29/04/2015

If you have already arrived to Barcelona and you are looking for a studying experience, for most people, a course in a good language school is the quickest way to learn the language. If you do a Spanish course in Barcelona you will meet new people and you will practice your Spanish.

In BCN Spanish Language we think that immersion courses are the key to learn the language quicker, because students spend all of their time improving their fluency in the language. Learning is easier when it’s fun!

For this reason we organize Spanish socio-cultural activities in Barcelona with our students, such as visiting Barcelona museums. Also a cultural tour around the city in the native language will increase your linguistic knowledge.

We recommend you to start with one of the most famous and amazing museums to visit in Barcelona, the Picasso Museum.

Picasso Museum is located in a gorgeous building, in the heart of the gothic quarter and in a very special site.  It’s amazing to see all the old buildings surrounding it, it is really picturesque!

The Museum hosts a marvellous collection of paintings of Picasso, especially the ones from his early days. The most famous pieces are not included, but you can get a very good sense of Picasso’s art. It’s great to see how his work changed throughout the years; you will find paintings of Picasso’s blue period and cubism. The audio guide explains wonderfully the personality of this excellent artist.

Our advice; admission is free every Sunday from 3pm to 7pm, and the first Sunday of every month all day. You can also buy your tickets online via the Museum’s website and avoid the queues.

If you need to make a stop along the way to do some snacking in the late afternoon, you have to take something in the famous restaurant “Els 4 Gats” where Picasso had eaten a lot of times, had met others artists and had talked about art.

But if you visit Picasso Museum in the afternoon and after that you want to find one place for dinner, in Born quarter you will find all types of restaurants. Our recommendation: Enjoy one local tapas bar 😉

Great art, great atmosphere, nice food, that’s Barcelona!

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