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A new educational paradigm that has overcome certain limitations of classroom teaching: learning anytime, anywhere. User: In this educational paradigm BCN Languages, a platform for online language learning which combines various tools and resources articulated around the main shaft fits. It is a just in time training. Thanks to the Internet, students can access the contents of the various language courses at any time of day, anywhere, have the permanent support of a tutor, supplement their learning classes online conversation or face tutorials.

Partial attendance course, online course were the four linguistic skills are dealt with: writing, reading, listening and speaking so you can improve your level within 4-6 months.

This option is highly advisable for those who want to learn a language with freedom of schedule and space, since it allows you to connect from any electronic device either from a computer, mobile phone or tablet, meanwhile you enjoy in-person learning by attending our conversation or grammar Masterclasses.

The online course is done in an average of 80 hours. It’s based on a range of audio-visual inputs, exercises, grammar and listening contents.

At the end of every syllabus a series of self-assessment exercises are done to evaluate the acquired knowledge and at the end of the course there is a final assessment that grades your level of language comprehension and knowledge.

Furthermore, with our App360 you’ll be able to choose 12 in-person sessions that will help you consolidate your level throughout the course, always guided by a personalized tutor that will help you to solve any doubts that may arise.

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