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If your objective is to begin, revise or to continue learning a language, the intensive Catalan course will allow you to do so with a balanced program of communication, using a dynamic method of teaching which is adapted to current needs

Our courses are based on programs that guarantee progress. This courese allows you to develop fluency and communicative interaction as well as improving your grammar when speaking and your pronunciation. Itincludes two conversation classes on an issue of current interest so you can practice in a more fluent way your speaking and interaction skills.

The intensive Catalan course goes on for a month and is organized in 2,5 hours sessions from Monday to Thursday, 40 hours in total.

With the Catalan course you will widen your vocabulary on different topics and you will improve your use of the linguistic structures necessary to interact in Catalan in everyday life. You will also develop the necessary strategies to exchange opinions, put forward arguments and converse in formal situations with complex vocabulary.

You can join one of our intensive courses any month of the year, following a morning or afternoon timetable. Its intensity is 2,5 hours per day from Monday to Thursday with a length of 4 weeks.

To register on the Catalan course in Barcelona you only need to do our online Catalan level test and another free oral test without obligation, and enrol in the timetable you wish. People with beginner’s level don’t need to do this test to sign up for our Catalan courses.

All our teachers are native and with specific training in the teaching of Catalan as a foreign language. We apply a communicative methodology as we think that speaking is the basis of learning a foreign language. In addition, all our groups are small, with an average of 7 people.

When doing an intensive course you will be able to use all the resources which the school offers to complement your studies: the loan free of charge of films, the loan free of charge of books adapted to different levels, daily newspapers and reference material available in the students’ common room in the centre.


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4 weeks

10 hours per week. 2,5 hours from Monday to Thursday

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