Methodology of English classes for children

BCN LANGUAGES school holds English courses for young learners in Barcelona in small groups from 4 to 9 students, homogeneus in age and level with qualified native teachers with wide experience in teaching young learners. At BCN LANGUAGES we offer children the chance to learn a new language in a natural and fun way.

In our children’ courses, they learn a second language through a communicative approach. We create an enjoyable and dynamic atmosphere in the classroom, where students are in constant contact with English and learn to communicate naturally, in contexts that are close to their interests and relevant to their lives.

Thanks to our offer of different levels and small groups, children here have an ideal atmosphere for learning English, with highly motivated and experienced teachers who facilitate the process. Our teachers have a wide range of resources at their disposal, which they use to prepare games and interactive activities that get students speaking and interacting in English.

Our Children English courses are broken down into three age categories: Pre-Kids, Kids Start y Kids. These categories are then divided into levels in order to ensure the correct evolution of the learning process and to best address the needs and abilities of each student.

In order to keep families updated about what children are doing in class and how they are progressing, we offer personalised attention, continuous assessment and the chance for guardians to meet with teachers throughout the academic year.

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