Design your Spanish tailor-made course

Private Spanish classes in Barcelona for foreigners are ideal in order to plan a made to measure course, according to the needs and objectives of each student.
The student decides the duration, timetable and the intensity of the course, as well as the academic program to be worked on. Once these parameters are determined, the centre’s academic coordinator and the teacher will design a study plan which responds to the student’s expectations.

Students interested in our private Spanish classes in Barcelona, are not obliged to do the school level test, but can use this service free of charge and with no compromise to better understand their level of Spanish and the recommendations of the academic coordinator, and so reach their initial objectives.

These private Spanish lessons offer a degree of flexibility that other Spanish classes do not have:

  • Cancelling and recuperating one to one Spanish classes: anyone who cannot attend a class in Barcelona or Mallorca for personal or work reasons can cancel the class and recuperate it up at a later date, provided that at least 24 hours notice is given.
  • Duration: each student can extend their one to one Spanish lessons by the number of hours or days they consider necessary. They can also temporarily stop the lessons for as long as they may require.
  • Course content: although there is a baseline programme defined by the student, the classes’ content and focus can be changed at any time or the student can ask for “subjects à la carte” to cover any specific area.

Spanish Private Course complements:

All those taking Private Spanish Classes will have personal access to the on-line complement available on BCN Languages’ Campus.

This complement includes:

  • Self-correcting grammar exercises for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.
  • Activities complementing the course contents that use different levels of Spanish: available for A1, A2, B1 and B1+
  • Access to appropriate links from communication media in Spain: radio, television and press.
  • An on-line space to enable teacher and student to exchange documents or send homework.
  • Information applicable to the course: course calendar, notification of cancellations and maintenance of the updated course calendar.

Students interested in Spanish private lessons in Barcelona, Spain are not required to take the school’s level test. However, they can use this service free of charge and with no obligation to ascertain their level of command of the language and the Academic Coordinator’s recommendations in order to meet their initial goals.

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