Learn Spanish, 5/05/2015

Many students come to Barcelona to take a preparation course in order to pass the DELE exam, “Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera” or “Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language”. Why? DELE is an accrediting certificate of your proficiency in Spanish and it has a great international value both for working in Spain and for studying at a Spanish University.

If you are interested in taking a DELE exam, you can find your DELE exam preparation center in Barcelona. In BCN Spanish Language, you can find DELE preparation courses for each exam with native teachers and DELE practice tests. Currently, a high percentage of our students have successfully passed the examination.

BCN Spanish Language is a member of the FEDELE Barcelona Examination Centre, where examinations can be taken for the levels DELE B1, DELE B2 and DELE C1. The exams are scheduled by Instituto Cervantes.

With our Spanish level test you can know your Spanish level and then you can choose your examination courses in Barcelona. We offer you preparation in small groups for DELE examination levels B2 and C1. The length of each course is 4 weeks and the DELE preparation courses in Barcelona are scheduled before each examination: in May, July and November.

If you are interested in getting the DELE certificate in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact BCN Spanish language, your Spanish Language School in Barcelona. ¡Good luck!

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