Learn Spanish, 20/01/2016

If you have decided to learn Spanish in Barcelona, there are many things you can do to practice your Spanish, and most important, to enjoy this amazing city. Once you’ve find the best Spanish School in Barcelona, it’s time to discover the city! We suggest you 5 things you cannot miss in Barcelona, while you have a total immersion in the language:

1. The splendid Architecture in Barcelona

As you know, Barcelona has an extraordinary architectural heritage, a large list of wonderful places that you will discover when you are studying Spanish. The masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí are:  the Sagrada Familia, a huge Cathedral that shows the incredible genius of the architect, Casa Milà, known as “La Pedrera” or La Casa Batllò, both in the centric Passeig de Gràcia, and the magic Park Güell. Besides, Barcelona has other amazing sights, such as the Cathedral, Santa Maria del Mar Church, Arc de Triomf and so on.

If you have the chance to do it, we recommend you to do some tour in Spanish. They are very interesting and you will be able to discover the secrets of Barcelona while learning Spanish.

2. Spanish films

Spanish cinema is quite unique. You can find comedies, historical films, horror, drama, or comedy mixed with drama! The most famous film directors in Spain are Pedro Almodóvar  and Alejandro Amenábar, amongst many others.  So now that you are in Barcelona, you can enjoy the best cinema in Spanish. BCN Spanish Languages also organizes activities for you to go with you classmates to watch these films, and other activities just for you to know more about Spanish cinema.

3. A fun Nightlife

You will enjoy never ending nights, because the bars and clubs close their doors much later than elsewhere in Europe. This is a good opportunity for you to speak with Spanish people, and maybe to learn some Spanish songs!

4. Spanish and Catalan cuisine

One of the things you can’t miss is the delicious local cuisine. There are a lot of bars and restaurants offering you the best “tapas” and menus, where you can taste the characteristic taste of Spain and of Catalonia. Enjoy one of the pleasures of Spain: jamón,  chorizo, patatas bravas, or the mouthwatering Paella, all i oli and pa amb tomàquet. Try to read the menu and to order in Spanish!

5. Spend time with locals

Find some Spanish friends. It’s the best way to have a full (and fun) immersion in the language. When you are attending a Spanish course in Barcelona, it’s time to know Spanish people. One option could be having a local host family or to share a flat with Spanish people. It’s amazing how your Spanish can improve just living with people speaking the language!

You will see that studying abroad in Barcelona will be a rewarding experience!

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