Learn Spanish, 10/04/2014

The DELE Exam is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, and its Diploma is the only one accepted for Spanish as a Foreign Language all over the world.

The accreditation can be DELE A1, DELE A2, DELE B1, DELE B2, DELE C1 y DELE C2concerning the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) being DELE A1 the lowest level of language skills up to the highest DELE C2 (equivalent to a native level). First of all you should find out which is your real level in order to sit for an examination to your proper DELE level, which usually is the one lower to your real Language level.

Even if you could go at least for DELE A1 our recommendation is to take the exam from DELE B2 level. Each exam has an inscription fee and the lower levels are not as essential to be certified as the advanced ones.

An important advice we will always give is to attend to a specific DELE preparation course. An ordinary Spanish course is suitable to learn the language in a general overview but passing the exam is a little bit tougher and it involves its own tips to have in mind before and during the exam.

The exam preparation courses are focused on doing past exams and they will allow you to practice not only the different requested skills but equally important, to do a real training on the time you’ve got for each part of the exam. Also you’ll know about the minimum marks needed to go ahead in your exam.

The key is to prepare in detail the four parts that make up the test: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and interaction and reading comprehension and use of language.

Dele exams are held in the Examination Centers all over the world; therefore if you’re coming to take the DELE exam in Spain, we can highly recommend you to attend a course in our school. BCN Languages is one of the schools that offers you specific courses of DELE in Barcelona, we are an accredited school by Instituto Cervantes and we also are part of FEDELE. The majority of our teachers are usual examiners of DELE exam, so they know the techniques and tips for you to successfully pass the exam.

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