Learn Spanish, 6/04/2016

Hello everyone!

I am Svitlana Pochernina and my project of learning Spanish began months ago in my city, Járkov, Ukraine. I was looking for a Spanish course for foreigners in Barcelona over the Internet and the offer was very wide-ranging… it was so difficult for me to decide which school to choose!

I found a school that caught my attention because it offered intensive courses of 10, 20 and even 25 hours a week and also covered all levels of language: from beginner A1 up to proficiency C2, the maximum level of language! It was an accredited school by Instituto Cervantes with a very accessible price and the former students’ reviews from all over the worlds who also studied Spanish in this school were very positive.

Although it was a bit risky to book the course without having previously visited the school in person nor met yet personally any of the students, I paid my booking from Ukraine and landed in Barcelona to start my long-desired project: Learn Spanish in Barcelona, specifically in BCN Spanish Language.

When I got to school, I was pleasantly surprised by realizing that everything that appeared on the web that I was consulting and all other students of Spanish reviews on this school in Gracia neighborhood was true.

Here in BCN SPANISH LANGUAGE I have come across friendly teachers, very kind and extremely efficient. I have also met many other students from different countries around the world. We stand together for our love to the city that has received us so well and our desire of learning and practicing Spanish, not only in the academic environment, but also on the parks, in bars, at the cinema and in our walks around this beautiful city.

I want to thank all the teachers I’ve had during my stay in the school and the whole management team. With great pleasure, I will keep on studying Spanish in BCN SPANISH LANGUAGE and will recommend this school of Spanish in Barcelona to all those who may still have any doubt in their choice of a school focused on courses of Spanish for foreigners.

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