Learn Spanish, 6/04/2016

Intensive courses may look like a hard mission as far as they are so demanding in terms of time, effort and dedication to study. But the most positive aspect is, of course, the reward you get by learning so fast, not only fast but also efficiently!

The aim of those Spanish courses is to get one level of language in four weeks.

Intensive Spanish courses in Barcelona are composed by:

• ELE 10 Grammar
• ELE 10 Conversation

This is: you start every morning at 9.30 a.m. with a Grammar lesson with one of our native teachers for 2 hours, then you have a 20 minutes break and after drinking some water, eating an apple or smoking a cigarette, you come back to your classroom where a new teacher is waiting for students to start the Conversation lesson. In this second half you can practice and review all you have learned in the first half.

The ELE 20 lessons finish at 1.30 p.m. and then…is time for you to go and enjoy your free time in Barcelona! The practice of the language in real life is what will make you go even further in the immersion project of learning Spanish: knowing traditions, meeting Spanish people, discovering the way of doing and the life style in Barcelona.

That’s the most enjoyable side of taking intensive Spanish courses in Spain!

At the end of every month, you’ll get a Certificate in which your acquired level is described in detail, stating all the skills you are able to use and produce in writing, speaking, reading and listening.

Apart from the Intensive Course, you can also take advantage of the self-study grammar corner, the extra listening exercises in the Virtual Campus, the daily Spanish newspaper, the level adapted books and the original version DVD service, and it’s all for free for our Spanish students in BCN Languages!

We recommend you to check out our TESTIMONIALS link in bcnspanishlanguage.com to catch a glimpse of how former students from all over the world have experienced their stay in our Spanish school in Barcelona.

You will be more than welcome to come and meet us!

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