Learn Spanish, 20/01/2016

Every day is more and more often that people take holidays to study the language of their destination; it’s the perfect combination to learn and to know the main part of a city.

Visitors combine Spanish courses in Barcelona with their sightseeing program. They attend Spanish classes in the morning and they do sightseeing in the afternoon, while having the opportunity to practice what they have learned in class. Visiting the wonderful Park Güell or getting lost through the little streets of the Gothic area, can become a good Spanish lesson if you put into practice everything learned in the classroom. For instance, the Park Güell:

You cannot miss the opportunity of visiting one of the best and more beautiful architectural ensembles of the world.

Park Güell is one of the main exponents of Modernism: a big part of the identity of Barcelona. You can go to visit this beautiful place during the whole day. Prices and timetable are available in the link below:

The visitor feels more integrated, he feels comfortably while he is moving around the city and, also, he leaves Barcelona with the knowledge of another language he didn’t spoke before his experience in Barcelona.

This type of holidays is ideal for adults, youth and students. It´s a great choice when you’re planning a trip on your own as you can meet people while learning Spanish in Barcelona. It is also a good option to share with a group of friends or even a place to share family experience. It is increasingly common for entire families to take Spanish classes while they are visiting and exploring the city of Barcelona. Sometimes it is not easy to find an activity for children and parents to share and to study Spanish in Barcelona can be a good choice.

Totally personalized courses can be specially organized for the whole family or group of friends or, otherwise, students can just join group classes with other students. It may be an experience of just a few days or it may be an experience extended to one or more weeks.

Do dare to organize a cultural trip and enjoy a vibrant city tour while learning Spanish in Barcelona.

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