Learn Spanish, 20/01/2016

Are you planning to come to learn Spanish in Spain and you’re not sure how to select the best Spanish course?

First of all, we recommend you a tip when choosing the best Spanish language course in Spain: make sure all the teachers in your school will be natives. Many teachers might be able to teach you Spanish; however it is much better to learn it with native speakers rather than with persons who are not native since a non-native teacher can often explain you good grammar structures & teach you vocabulary; nonetheless, in many cases, it is possible the teaching process will lack solid grammar bases or satisfactory pronunciation.

Courses might be intensives or extensive. In order to choose the most suitable to you, you might take into account the price, your timetable availability and your final objective.

If you want to study calmly, finding also the time to practicing what you learned during each class, then you might choose an extensive course.

In addition, if your goal is to learn fast because you are to move to a Spanish-speaking city somewhere in the world, you just applied for a job which requires a good Spanish knowledge, you are surrounded by Spanish speakers and you need to chat with them or your girlfriend or boyfriend are Spanish and you cannot freely express your own feelings with, then you might choose to enroll in an intensive Spanish course in Spain.

Finding out if a language school in Spain is accredited by an official entity will considerably help you to reach the right decision.  In this respect, an accredited school means it collaborates with a well trained staff, it uses a modern and adequate methodology and it has the commitment in offering you the best teaching quality so you can enjoy the best learning experience and you can achieve your goals.

On the other hand, an accredited school usually offers you the possibility of obtaining a DELE certificate or, at least, it provides you advices about the official exam and document processing procedures.

So, feel more than welcome to Spain and learn all about our language, food, music and our culture in general.

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