Learn Spanish, 31/03/2014

You’ve got it! Finally you decided to learn Spanish, one of the most spoken languages in the world. And you also chose Barcelona, this vibrant city, for studying abroad and live an amazing experience. Now the question is which Barcelona language school you should go to?

It must be clear that if you want to study abroad in Barcelona, the most significant thing, from our point of view, is you should choose a place to feel like home. Being surrounded by a friendly personnel and a warm atmosphere in school is the best way to live and enjoy your learning Spanish adventure.

A strong reason to choose our Spanish course in Barcelona is because all our teachers are natives and they form a highly-qualified staff. They’ve been involved for a long time in teaching languages so this long-term professional experience allows them to identify your langue difficulties and remove your linguistic obstacles.
Another thing to be taken into account is what methodology you shall follow in order to achieve your goals.  There are probably many schools offering Spanish lessons without any focused and coherent program, so your Spanish might end being based on weak grammar and vocabulary structures.

Choose the best location for your school! Barcelona is not a big city but there are plenty of interesting and exciting areas although there are also some monotonous and more traditional neighbourhoods. Since you can study Spanish in Barcelona you will also be able to approach the reality of this amazing city and you’ll probably be interested to discover new places. If your school is located in the downtown or in a well-connected area, it’ll be much easier for you to get in touch with the vibrant life of this city.

Finally, we strongly advise you to ask the school you choose if it is accredited by Instituto Cervantes and make sure that it also offers Preparation courses. That will allow you to take Spanish lessons in Barcelona and also get a DELE Certificate (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language), the only document that certifies your knowledge of Spanish language according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

We strongly encourage you to come to learn Spanish in Barcelona; In BCN Spanish Language School in Barcelona you’ll find the best quality Spanish courses in the city. You won’t forget this singular experience!

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