Learn Spanish, 18/03/2014

If you ask any of our Spanish teachers, any language professional from our school or even any of our former or current students who’ve came to studyfrom abroad to Barcelona, each one of them will agree on the fact that the best way to improve your knowledge and use of Spanish is to learn through the language immersion. You could just come and stay in Barcelona but if you also choose any Spanish course from our language school in Barcelona we can guarantee a faster progress and an improvement of your language knowledge.

Taking Spanish lessons while you are surrounded by natives at work or in your everyday life could be the best option for you. Aside from providing different Spanish courses in Barcelona, we can alsooffer a host family during your stay.

This family will help to improve your colloquial vocabulary and use of expressions and you can also learn more about the Spanish culture, food, music, behaviours and traditions…

Probably many times you’ve asked yourself why studying Spanish in Barcelona since people from Barcelona also speak Catalan so that can be confusing. However, this is a quite simplistic view. It’s true that people from here speak Catalan but Barcelona is also a very cosmopolitan place and there are many nationalities living within the city so the locals don’t have any inconvenience to switch Catalan and Spanish according to each situation. So, don’t worry, you’ll never feel isolated or misunderstood.

Apart from what is said above, if you keep reading this text it means there is probably something making you feel in love with this amazing city and that is the reason why you want to come and visit Barcelona. Just think about how many things you can do here: going to the beach, visiting a lot of art exhibitions, going to live concerts, shopping, walking in the mountains and parks, riding a bike within the city, eating special dishes, visiting our famous food markets and, of course, enjoying the nightlife.

Come and visit us in our Barcelona language school located in Gracia district, one of the most emblematic of the city!

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