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BCN Languages has been a Cambridge exam preparation center for more than ten years, including the First Certificate.

Our centers have native qualified teachers specialized in the preparation of KET, PET, FCE (examen First Certificate), CAE and CPE. Year after year we received the Cambridge English Achievement Award, which certifies excellence in the number of passes.

Since 1913 the University of Cambridge has been evaluating the candidates of its English proficiency, offering prestigious certifications and international recognition in more than 20,000 organizations.

  • B2 – First Certificate in English FCE.
  • C1 – Certificate in Advanced English CAE.
  • C2 – Certificate of Proficiency in English CPE.

If you need it, we help you prepare for the exams and get your best results through our official exam preparation courses:

Structure of the exams:

The exams are made up of 4 parts:

  • Reading & Use of English: which assesses reading comprehension and the use of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Writing: evaluates the written expression.
  • Listening: examines the candidate’s oral comprehension competence.
  • Speaking: it is based on the level of production and oral interaction of the candidates.

Advantages of preparing yourself in Bcn Languages:

  • Show your linguistic ability
  • Improve your CV.
  • Increase opportunities to find employment.
  • Take an Erasmus abroad.

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