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Are you thinking of learning Spanish? Would you like to live in Spain? Barcelona is surely one of the cities on your list, since it is the best option to learn Spanish and not feel so far from home. You know that the best way to learn a language is to be in direct contact with it, you have to relate with the people, language and culture constantly; but why Barcelona?


Barcelona is the most multicultural city in Spain. According to the Institute of Statistics of Catalonia, one in five inhabitants is a foreigner. That’s why Barcelona is the favourite destination of many foreigners to spend some time, study, work, and even set up a business. It is a cosmopolitan city, with an open philosophy, where art predominates, and with a great variety of leisure activities, culture and gastronomy on offer.

The character of the people

The inhabitants of Barcelona are open and they love to mix with others, so you can learn Spanish throughout the city. The natives also feed off foreigners, and enjoy the language exchange.

Barcelona has two official languages, Spanish and Catalan. This doesn’t have to be a problem, because the inhabitants speak the two languages. And who knows, you may return knowing two languages.

The quality of the academic offer

The city has a great variety of options for study and the universities are known for their quality, which leads many foreign students to come to study here. Barcelona is home to thousands of students every year. This implies that you breathe in a young, lively and dynamic atmosphere, with many events for students, which you can take advantage of to meet native people. In addition to this, universities offer various programs and courses for foreigners that can be a great help.

The quality of life

The weather and the city’s geographical location are two key reasons for choosing Barcelona as the best option for studying Spanish. It has a temperate climate, with moderate temperatures, neither extreme cold or heat. The surroundings are unbeatable, amazing beaches and beautiful mountain scenery. It’s a perfect city to live in at any time of the year.

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