Learn Spanish, 20/08/2019

If you are studying Spanish, one of the most important steps that you cannot leave out is reading. In fact, reading is the best way to learn grammar. You can assimilate hundreds of words that you will use in your everyday.

The importance of reading to learn Spanish

To learn Spanish correctly, as we told you previously, you must assist to extensive Spanish courses, but you have to read. That is the way to obtain firsthand knowledge of grammar. Spanish written accent, the silent h letter, and our beloved “ñ”… could be difficult to learn. But reading will help you to understand it and memorize new words or expressions.

Another reason to read Spanish books is to learn stock phrases. If you choose a book where their protagonist belongs to lower class, you can learn Spanish slang.

Moreover, reading makes a connection between written and spoken word in your brain. That’s why we introduce you 3 easy books to learn Spanish. These are perfect for B1 and B2 levels. You will get hooked fast!

1. Como agua para chocolate

Like Water for Chocolate. This novel was written by Laura Esquivel. It is a short novel were magical realism combines the supernatural with the ordinary things. This novel is about Tita’s lovelorn and the importance of cooking to express herself. A perfect book for Mexican cuisine lovers!

2. Los santos inocentes

The Holy Innocents. A classic book written by Miguel Delibes. A novel set in the Spanish rural world in the 60s. It will help you to learn about the recent history and the injustices that the farmers suffered in that period.

3. Manolito Gafotas

Manolito Gafotas is a series of eight novels written by Elvira Lindo. It is an easy story about a little child who lives with his family in a middle class neighbourhood in Madrid. This novel is more suitable for young readers.

All of these three novels are also film adaptations. So, probably you have already seen them, and it will be easy to you to understand the books.

Maybe you will find it hard enough to start reading, but in a couple of days, the story will get hook you. But if not, don’t worry at all, you better change the novel in order to make the most of your time.

Are you ready to learn Spanish and enjoy doing it this summer?

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