Learn Spanish, 27/01/2016

Learning Spanish in Barcelona is more than going to the school and answering complicated and a little bit tedious grammar exercises. Language is not only in books, but in the entire world that is moving around. When a Spanish student goes out from his classes, the learning keeps going on, in everything: in the cartels of the metro, in the conversation between two old ladies that are waiting their turn to buy some fruit, in that afternoon’s TV program, and in a lot of things that are always surrounding him.

Barcelona is alive; Spanish is everywhere, and you can learn it not just in the Spanish classes in Barcelona, but through the whole city. BCN Languages proposes the student a large list of activities to make after the lessons. One of them is visiting the notorious Gaudi’s Casa Milà “La Pedrera”. This strange and beautiful building is settled in one of the most elegant and important avenue of the city: Passeig de Gracia. However, perhaps you did not know that in the time of its construction, there were just fields around it. It is Gaudi’s second masterpiece, behind the famous and always photographed Sagrada Familia. The Catalan Architect inspired himself in the Nature to create a unique and original work. The façade of “La Pedrera” imitates the waves of the sea or the solid presence of an enormous rock; and its balconies are directly copied from the leaves and branches of a deep forest. This was the main characteristic of Art Noveau (called Modernisme, here in Catalonia): to bring life and originality to all the Art works and also the handcrafts (tables, chairs, roofs, keys, etc.). Interesting, isn’t it?

All the visits and excursions are explained in Spanish by one of our own teachers, and are programmed in the afternoons, after the morning lessons. With our Spanish courses in Barcelona you will be able to visit and see a lot of legendary and immortal things and places, which will make your trip and unforgettable experience.

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