Spanish courses 100% online or with support of private lessons

We invite you to learn our online Spanish courses. Sometimes, moving to a training center to take a course is a problem. Therefore, we present the advantages of e-learning, which allows you to take the course whenever and wherever you want.

At BCN Languages we want to offer you the flexibility provided by learning online. We offer different modalities with the aim of adapting to your personal needs. With you as the centre of attention we have four different modalities with pedagogical quality and total flexibility allowing you to combine online and face-to-face classes.

The advantages of these types of courses are greater adaptability to your personal requirements, allowing you to learn without having to move around, no timetables and to learn at your own rhythm from anywhere you want. In order to guarantee your learning we introduce the tutor who will accompany you throughout the learning process from the first day, monitoring your work and responding to your doubts.

In only 80 hours you will improve your understanding of Spanish, thanks to audiovisual content that focuses on grammar and listening exercises.

You will have access to our App360, from where you can choose 12 sessions throughout the course to complement your level of knowledge, and reinforce, with your personal tutor, those points you need.

Puedes empezar hoy mismo, contáctanos

Pregúntanos sobre cuándo puedes comenzar el curso u otras dudas que tengas. En muchos casos, es posible incorporarse durante todo el curso.