Learn Spanish, 11/02/2016

Well done! Now you talk Spanish. You have reached the C1 level but, in this last day of the course, an annoying question grows in your mind, and becomes bigger and bigger: And now…what?

You know, you talk Spanish, but you do not have an official accreditation for demonstrate, in the demanding and hard work life of today, that you talk this language as good as Cervantes. You are looking for a job in Barcelona, but in all the offers the same sentence is written: “Essential requirement: DELE B2 accreditation”.

But, what is that?

The DELE accreditation is awarded by the Cervantes Institute in Madrid; it is the official title, and the only one, which demonstrate your Spanish knowledge around the world. It is like the Cambridge exams in English, or the French DELF. Several exams are made every year, and each one is an opportunity for stablish the Spanish language definitively in your Curriculum.

How do I register for the DELE exam? Where, and when?

For inscribing yourself in one of these exams, you have to go to the official page of DELE: www.dele.cervantes.es. On-line inscription is the only way to participate, as all the process is done there: information, inscription and payment of the fees.

Next exam is April, 15th, 2016. The call for all DELE exams of 2016 will open on Monday, 15th February. So, what are you waiting for…?

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