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DELE is an official qualification certifying the degree of competence and mastery of Spanish awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain. Taking DELE exam will allow you to have a diploma certifying your mastery of the language.
You can register to the exam with Fedele Barcelona and we can prepare you for it with intensive specific courses.
Here you will find DELE most frequently asked questions:

Why should I take the exam?
The DELE is internationally recognized and has a great prestige among public and private educational institutions and authorities as well as in the business world and corporations. It can be your guarantee when it comes to asses and evaluate your linguistic competence in the Spanish languages. So, having DELE can be very useful to find a job, to facilitate promotion at work or to access to education both in Spain and other countries.
In addition, according to the new law for obtaining Spanish Nationality, among other requirements, candidates need to pass a test DELE A2 or higher levels.

Which are the levels of DELE I can apply for?
There are 6 levels of the DELE diploma: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The A level is the most basic and the C level is the most advanced. At BCN Languages, as a FEDELE Barcelona, we offer levels dele A2, dele B1, dele B2, dele C1 and dele C2.

How much are the exams?
Prices can change according to the different level:
DELE A2: 124€
DELEB1: 160€
DELE B2: 188€
DELE C1: 197€
DELE C2: 207€

How long is the diploma DELE valid for?
DELE diploma does NOT expire; once you have the diploma it never expires.

Is it necessary to have pass a previous level before taking the following level test?
Candidates don’t need to have a certificate for lower levels in order to take a higher level exam. They should apply for the level that better fits their skills or interests, without having taken the preceding levels.

What is the test like?
DELE exams can last between three and four and half hours (including breaks) depending on the level.
Each has a section for reading comprehension, listening comprehension and writing, as well as an oral part. Candidates will be assigned a specific time for their oral exam, which includes time to prepare themselves after being assigned a topic.
In order to pass DELE exam candidates should get a score of 60%, or better in the writing and reading section combined and a 60% or better in the listening and oral sections combined.

When can I take the exam?
FEDELE Barcelona offers 5 official exam session per year for level A2 (April, May, July, October and November); 3 official exam sessions for levels B1, B2 and C1 (May, July and November) and 1 official exam session per year for level C2 (May).

How and when do I register for the exam?
Registration can only be hold by Official examination centers. BCN Languages is an accredited school by Instituto Cevantes and it is part of the network of official examination centers of Fedele Barcelona. Candidates can easily register for the exam and pay the taxes online.
The registration must be completed within the defined time period.

Do I need to do a specific course to prepare the exam?
It´s not obligated to do a course but it’s totally recommended. With a specific DELE exam preparation course candidates can become familiar with the different parts of the test and its dynamics. Most teachers at BCN Languages are official examiners, so they can help and advice their students about which parts or aspects should prepare better and how to do it.

How and when do I get the results?
Candidates will be able to view their results 2 months after the exam approximately. Diplomas will be mailed out to or can be picked up at the reception of the school for all those who received a PASS grade.

If you have decided to take DELE test do not miss this Do’s and Don’ts when preparing DELE.

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