The city is located in northern China. It covers 16, 8000 kilometres and has about 17 million people in its area of jurisdiction.
The winter weather is cold and dry while summer is hot and rainy. Autumn is cool and pleasant.

Beijing is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China and boasts impressive architecture from China’s classical era. During the Ming Dynasty, the city had both interior and exterior walls. Although the walls no longer exist, the most important gates and towers are still intact.

The Chinese government promotes marriage and encourages couples to have just one child or to carefully consider having a second child within the confines of the state’s regulations.

It is a country full of contradictions that embraces Western consumerism while still not coming to terms with its long history of repression….do you really want to miss the chance to experience it first hand?

A great option for:

  • Stays of 3-4 weeks or more
  • Those over 18 years of age .
  • Lovers of Chinese culture

The school is well-situated in the centre of Beijing, near the Forbidden City tube station, the shopping street Wangfujing and two neighbourhoods known for their night-life, Sanlitun and Houhai.

Lessons are given in an inspirational, traditional setting in an ancient palace.
The classrooms are decorated in traditional Chinese style. Students have access to a library as well as to computers with Internet connection.

Accommodation in shared flats or hotels.

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