One level in a very short time

Our intensive English courses in Palma are recommended for those who wish to start, review or continue to advance their learning of English. It will allow you to complete a whole level in a few weeks, and to achieve that goal it is essential that all language skills are worked hard.




ALL LANGUAGE SKILLS: The 40h Intensive English Course works on all language skills: Writing, reading, speaking and listening.

SMALL GROUPS: Communication skills are strengthened by working fluency, speaking and oral interaction in small groups.
The emphasis is on writing and reading comprehension.
By doing the Intensive English Course, you will achieve your goals.

WITH EXPERT TEACHERS: the English intensive courses (40 hours) are composed of:

  • 10 hours of weekly teaching distributed in two and a half hour sessions from Monday to Thursday, taught by native teachers. During these you will practice grammar with a very communicative approach so that you can practice and consolidate the acquired knowledge in a more effective way
  • The Intensive English Course aims to practice in a real environment of immersion in order to consolidate your oral expression. Through activities and role-plays, the cultural aspects of English-speaking countries are worked on and current topics are discussed, thus implementing the structures, vocabulary and expressions learned.
  • Access to the online platform will serve to consolidate the level by working on written expression and reading comprehension. It will be necessary to do the stipulated content, within the four weeks of the intensive English course, in order to be evaluated.

DYNAMIC and ENJOYABLE COURSE: With the intensive course in Palma you will enjoy learning with this dynamic and enjoyable teaching method. As the average class size is of 6 students, you will be able to do a lot of oral practice, and interact lots.

At the end of the course, take the Oxford Test of English and certify your English level officially.

Intensive 24/7

LEARN At YOUR OWN PACE: The intensive 24/7 course will let you advance a whole level at a pace that suits you, without wasting time, with the peace and flexibility of being able to connect at any time to advance or review every subject again, and again whenever you want.

YOUR TEACHER: Your teacher will explain the grammar of each lesson and allow you to clarify the doubts in the classroom and virtual classrooms you will improve and consolidate oral understanding and expression.

COURSE CONTENT: The platform offers you from 40 to 80h* of grammatical content and exercises. Each lesson includes grammatical content and corresponding exercises so that you can consolidate your knowledge.

Listening and speaking:
You’ll have up to 12 30’ sessions with a teacher in the virtual classroom that will allow you to improve listening comprehension, while also working with different accents from different countries. It is the ideal way to improve your pronunciation and listening skills.

Understanding and written expression:
The content of the program, with exercises, games, essays, etc. and their explanations, will allow you to expand and get to know a wide range of vocabulary more thoroughly.
Reading is an essential part of language learning. It promotes vocabulary expansion, reinforces spelling and grammar, and helps learn correct pronunciation.

To enrol for this intensive English course in Palma, you must complete a written level test and a short oral test to determine your overall level. Take the level test.

All of our students have available complementary materials to the courses free of charge: DVD loans, books from our library, as well as access to the Virtual Campus where you can perform complementary exercises.

If you would like to be informed in more detail about this or other language courses, please do not hesitate to contact any of our centers in Palma.


The courses start every month all year long (exept in August)

4 weeks.

10 hours per week. 2,5 hours from Monday to Thursday

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Intensive 24/7

310€ 430*410€ 530

* Price with Oxford Test of English.
In-class, conversation, Online

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