Methodology of English classes for children

BCN LANGUAGES- PALMA DE MALLORCA school holds English courses for children in Palma de Mallorca in small groups of 7 students of average, homogeneus in age and level with qualified native teachers with wide experience in teaching young learners. We offer children the chance to learn a new language in a natural and fun way.

At  BCN LANGUAGES – PALMA DE MALLORCA,language school we offer English courses for kids in Palma. BCN LANGUAGES-MALLORCA approaches English teaching for kids in a natural and amusing way. Our English courses for kids are designed to make learning a second language a communicative experience. For that reason, our method is based on a dynamic and amusing formula where kids relate to English in a natural way and in contexts related to their interests. 

At all levels and in small groups, kids will enjoy the best atmosphere to learn English using a number of educational resources that favour the development of speaking and listening. Hand in hand a team of young and experienced teachers who will make this possible.

Based on the age range, English courses for kids are divided into 3 categories: Pre-Kids, Kids Start and Kids. These categories can be split in different levels so that a proper evolution of learning is guaranteed,  based on the student’s skills.

In BCN LANGUAGES – PALMA DE MALLORCA we know that kids need their environment to be involved when it comes to their learning. For this reason we make a continuous assessment of each child, offering exclusive personal attention and scheduling interviews between the teachers and the families.

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