Tailor-made courses for companies

In BCN Languages – Palma de Mallorca, we offer you our experience to accomplish your languages goals with out in company language courses. We help you obtain the confidence and fluency that you need to develop your professional activities in any work area, whether it requires preparing a report or participating in a business meal.

That’s why we offer you in company language courses:

  • Written analysis of the company’s requirements and a course programme especially designed to work on them based on the goals indicated by the company.
  • Group follow-up (regularity, progress and assessment).
  • Monthly reports including information about participation, progress (according to the goals) and attendance.
  • The necessary documents required to request bonuses from the Fundación Tripartita (Tripartite Foundation for Training in Employment, formerly known as FORCEM)

Puedes empezar hoy mismo, contáctanos

Pregúntanos sobre cuándo puedes comenzar el curso u otras dudas que tengas.
En muchos casos, es posible incorporarse durante todo el curso. 

Si eres alumno primerizo, consulta las fechas de inicio.