English courses in small groups

BCN LANGUAGES – PALMA DE MALLORCA language school , offers English courses for young learners in Palma de Mallorca. We offer courses aimed at making teenagers progress in their knowledge of the English and culture in a natural and attractive way.

Teenagers get started on learning a second language through a method based on the communicative aspects of language. The key to our success is providing learning in context for teenagers, offering contents matching their interests and their reality, a young and dynamic environment where they can become familiar with English and appreciate how useful it is.

Thanks to our internal division into levels and to the small groups, teenagers will enjoy the perfect environment to learn English with a young team of highly motivated and experienced teachers that will help them through the whole process.

Our staff has a wide range of resources so that they can develop specific dynamics and interactive activities that strengthen the four language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Based on the age range, in BCN LANGUAGES – PALMA DE MALLORCA  make another division according to the kids’ skills, Juniors and Teens, are subdivided into levels, so that a proper evolution of learning is guaranteed in each of them.

We believe that parent’s participation in the learning process is essential particularly in this period. For that reason, we offer informative personal sessions, interviews with the teachers and guidance throughout the duration of the course with the aim of keeping them informed on the topics of the different sessions and also on the progress of the students.

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