Language courses in Mallorca for 2nd cycle of ESO and BAC

These english, french and german courses are ideal for young people in 3º and 4º year of ESO (Compulsory Second Education) and Bachillerato (Spanish Baccalaureate) Focused towards learning the 4 language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening. Both, speaking and grammar aspects are studied through the communicative methodology.

If you would like your child to receive an OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE of their level of English, they can take Oxford University’s “Oxford Test of English” at the end of their course. 


The method has been adapted to the structure of the 2º cycle of ESO and Bachillerato, and has been defined upon the following principles:
• Acquire a proper language command to communicate and master efficiently both speaking and writing levels. 
• Focusing attention on the development of learning strategies and techniques that allow students to handle real communicative situations.

• Improving both speaking and writing comprehension and production in a global way. 
• Highlighting each time the most relevant social and cultural aspects of the English speaking countries so that students are able to draw a comparison with their own experience and acquire skills for intercultural relationships, very common in our current social environment.

Depending on the level of knowledge of the language and according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages students will attend to one of these seven levels: Teens 1, Teens 2, Teens 3, Teens 4, Teens 5, Teens 6, Teens FCE, Teens 7 or CAE Teens.

Remember that you can change your schedule and make up classes whenever there available groups.

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