Language School for children in Mallorca

BCN LANGUAGES- PALMA DE MALLORCA school holds Language courses for children in Palma de Mallorca in small groups from 4 to 9 students, homogeneus in age and level with qualified native teachers with wide experience in teaching young learners. We offer children the chance to learn a new language in a natural and fun way.

Currently, English courses are taught at our School in Mallorca.

Our teachers are native and experts in teaching languages to children. All classes are adapted to the ages of the students and their language level management. We make them feel confident as they acquire new vocabulary and master the language. Children learn in an intuitive and enjoyable way.

If you are interested in our language courses for children in Mallorca, keep in mind that we are currently teaching English courses for three age groups: Pre-Kids, Kids Start and Kids.

  • Pre-kids Group: for pre-school children.
  • Group Kids Start: for boys and girls of 1st and 2nd grade of primary school.
  • Group Kids: for boys and girls up to 5th grade.

These groups are re-divided into classes of 9 students maximum, and depending on the level of language knowledge of teach student.

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