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The Juniors group consists of students in 6º year of Primary School, 1º and 2º year of ESO (Compulsory Second Education). This English, French and German course for Juniors deals with grammar contents in context and in a communicative way, making it easy for the students to get involved in the learning process. 

At this stage, it is possible to suggest longer activities where students have to elaborate information after checking several sources of information, contrast data, collect information outside the school, etc. Besides, some social factors are introduced, such as group work, role assignment and a proper organisation and planning of the study times. There is a more strict control of the use of language, analysing it afterwards. 


The goals of the course are:
• Understanding and repeating oral and written messages properly following the rules of context interaction in the most common environments.
 • Interpreting and producing intentional messages handling verbal and non verbal codes with the aim of enriching their communication acts, learning how to respect all different expression forms in a social context.

• Critical and autonomous use of the main current sources of information (press, radio, television, specialised magazines, Internet…) as a planning tool for activities (work, leisure, consumption, etc.); contrasting previously collected information and acquiring new information.

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