Oxford Test of EnlgishINTENSIVE COURSE OXFORD TEENS is the easiest way for your child to obtain an official B1 or B2 English level certification from the prestigious Oxford University.

This is a summer English course in Barcelona in which your child learns English in a fun way, focusing mainly on oral practice in the language. In small groups, with native teachers and communicative activities that make students to forget all about their English classes at school, students speak and improve their English from the very first day.

Upon completion of the OXFORD TEENS course by Bcn Languages, you will take the Oxford Test of English, at the same facility. And this test does not subject candidates to any pressure: it is taken on a computer and is tailored, in a personalised way, to the student’s level.

Without the sensation of taking an official, traditional exam, the student answers Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading questions that are adapted to his level, based on his answers. In less than two hours the student finishes the test, and obtains his official certificate of English from the University of Oxford in 14 days or less.


Oxford Teens Intensive course


Starting date: 3rd of July


4 weeks


2,5 hours from Monday to Thursday. 10 Weekly hours at school + Oxford Learn online exercises

B1, B2 and B2+


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