Training course for ELE teachers certified by the University of Barcelona.

Do you want to be able to travel around the world working in a job that gives the satisfaction of teaching languages? Spanish being one of the most widely spoken and studied languages in the world, the demand for Spanish teachers is growing. With our training courses for Spanish teachers, you will gain the skills and certification necessary to be able to work as an ELE teacher.

A 200 hour course with 66 hours of practice.
Morning and afternoon schedules

Next start date: 16th January 2023
Information session: 15th December. Come and resolve your doubts.



Course objectives

  • Learn the principal methodological aspects to be able to plan and manage an ELE class with criteria.
  • Reflect on the factors that influence the process of learning and teaching.
  • Apply theoretical concepts in the practice sessions in a real context.

What does the course consist of?

We offer a practical course to learn to prepare and deal with your ELE classes. In addition, if you are already a teacher, but want to study methodological aspects in more detail, to improve your planning, we can also help you.

The course is 8 weeks long, during which theoretical and practical sessions are intermixed in a real-life context.

The course methodology means that teachers in training are active, so the following will be evaluated:

  • Attitude: student’s contributions and participation in the theoretical and practical sessions.
  • Content: individual thoughts and reflections on aspects related to learning and the teaching of ELE in an individual portfolio.

Methodology: study the principal theories of the language and the learning of languages.

Common European Frame of Reference: know what makes us competent to communicate in, and learn languages, as well as the types of activities that help us to achieve this.

Analysis of the language: look at and reflect on different aspects of grammar, analyse the language from its use and form, learn how to design activities to analyse the language, and approach a lexical focus.

Planning: learn how to analyse materials, get to know different types of activities, sequence activities, and the evaluation of activities.

Diversity and motivation in the classroom: differentiate the different styles and types of learning; get to know the principal strategies to motivate students.

Classroom management: learn how to distribute the different elements of a classroom and the students in order to facilitate learning, use the whiteboard efficiently, give instructions, and to question the role of the teacher and student in the classroom.

Use of technology: use ICT didactically and learn about the principle digital tools for the language classroom.

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In many cases, it is possible to join throughout the course.

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