If you want to study Russian in Barcelona, BCN Languages offer a communicative method in which the grammatical aspects of the language are studied in a practical and realistic fashion. This is done with the aim of providing the necessary skills to interact in a variety of contexts with a very communicative focus.

Academic Russian courses


The courses start in October. Students can join throughout the course. Absolute beginners should consult the starting dates.

Length Standard

9 months from October to June


Russian course of 3 hours per week in 2 sessions on alternate days (Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday) or in one weekly session (Friday or Saturday).

All levels


Standard Russian courses are taught by our team of native Russian teachers. Classes are limited to a maximum of nine students.

The objective of the Standard Russian courses is to practice the different language skills and consequently to complete a level as specified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages by the end of the academic year of nine months.

In order to evaluate your Russian level you will have to do a level test which is in two parts, written and oral, we will use this to assess your overall level. Once you have completed both tests you will be able to enroll on a course.


Standard Russian courses in Barcelona also include these additional services free of charge:

-    Access to computers and the internet.

-    Access to the intranet with supplementary material.

-    Daily access via the intranet to the syllabus and homework set in class.

-    Recuperation of classes. If you miss a class you can catch up by attending another class the same week.

-    Newspapers in Spanish and bilingual magazines.

-    A library service where you can borrow DVDs and graded readers.

-    A language exchange.

Learn and have fun with your Russian course in Barcelona!!

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