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The intensive English course in Barcelona is recommended for those people who wish to begin, brush up or continue their progress in learning English. It will enable you to take a complete level in 4 weeks, and to achieve this goal, all the skills of the language must be practised. Therefore, the programme of this course is a combination of Blocks A, B and C.

  In Block A all the language skills are practised: written, oral and listening production and comprehension. (40 hours).

  Block B consolidates the communication skills: oral fluency, production and interaction. It’s devised for levels B1 and above. (9 hours).

   And in Block C, the emphasis is placed on written production and comprehension. (17 hours).

Intensive English courses


The courses start every month all year long (exept in Gracia school where are offered in May, June, July, August and September)


4 weeks


10 hours per week. 2,5 hours from Monday to Thursday

All levels

niveles MCER ingles

The programme of the intensive English courses is made up of three blocks.

Block A consists of 10 teaching hours per week divided into sessions of two-and-a-half hours from Monday to Thursday, given by native speaking teachers, during which you will study grammar from a very communicational point of view so that you can practise and consolidate the skills you have learned more effectively.

Block B adds a further 9 hours, with the aim of practising in a real immersion environment in order to consolidate your oral expression. These 9 hours may be taken within two months of the first day of classes. In this block, activities and simulations are used to study the cultural aspects of English-speaking countries and there are conversations on current issues in order to practise the structures, vocabulary and expressions learned.

Block C consists of 17 hours’ access to the online platform in order to consolidate your level by studying written expression and comprehension. These 17 hours must be taken within the four weeks the course lasts, in order to be assessed.


You will have fun on the Intensive English Course in Barcelona learning with a pleasant and dynamic teaching method with which you will be able to do lots of speaking practice as the maximum number of students in a class is nine, allowing you interact a lot.

In order to enroll on this course you need to complete a written level test and a short oral one so we can evaluate your overall level. So that you can practice more from home, you will be able to borrow DVDs and books from our library free of charge. You will also have access to the Virtual Campus where you will have access to supplementary exercises.

For more information about our Intensive English course, please feel free to contact any of our centres in Barcelona!

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